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Restore ability to choose more than



I just updated to the latest version on my MacBook Pro and was VERY UNHAPPY to see that you apparently have limited the fonts severely!  All the years I have used Evernote Ihave had my notes in the Font MS Trebuchet, and now this font seems to be unvailable, and you must choose Sans Serif, Serif, Slab Serif, Monospace, Script, or Handwritten .... none of which I want to use.

Is there a way I can restore this font?

If there is not a way to restore the font I choose to use, is there a way to revert to the previous version of Evernote I was using without losing the contents of my years and years of notes?

Fonts available in Evernote 10.2 for Mac.pdf

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Oh, drat! You're right! I see this too. I also used MS Trebuchet. I wonder if they did this because there was always a size discrepancy between iOS and the desktop version. Depending on where I added a note to an existing note, I'd have different font sizes within the same note. I remember reading a note about this quite awhile back. 

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