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(Archived) MacBook Not Synchronizing Notes Properly - Evernote 3 Beta

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I have three computers, one with Win XP, one iMac, and a MacBook. I have downloaded the appropriate Evernote desktop software for each.

The WinXP and iMac seamlessly synchronize, however, I cannot get the MacBook to retrieve notes posted from either of the other two machines. Strangely, the MacBook can post NEW notes that get synchronized with the other two machines.

Is there something that I am not doing right, or does this seem like a glitch?

I appreciate any comments or suggestions.


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Hi John. That's definitely a glitch. A couple questions:

1. Did you at any point receive any sync errors when attempting to sync from your Macbook?

2. Do you have any Local-only notebooks on your Macbook?

3. Please give this a try: Log into the web interface (https://preview.evernote.com/Login.action) and edit one of your existing notes that is not syncing to your Macbook. After saving the changes, go back to your Macbook and sync. Does the note now appear on the Macbook?


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Thanks for the response....

1. No errors initially

2. No local notebooks - all established with sync.

3. The suggestion to "edit" the unseen notes worked. I had to go into edit mode for each note (didn't have to edit - just save), and on a manual sync, all of the documents on the website now reflected on the Macbook platform.

It looks like new notes are now synchronizing on all platforms. Apparently, there was an initial glitch when the MacBook was set up with EverNote, and the original note files were somehow out of synch.

I appreciate your help - the fix in step 3 worked well. I will post any further issues if they arise related to the same topic.

I Love the Mac platform of evernote, and really find the "synch" feature between platforms incredible. Great product!


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I used the web clipper and found that notes sometimes did not sync back to the Mac version. I know that I edited the tags between syncs, and further I may have had two identical notes, one of which I deleted on the client. (Presumably EN ought to be using a unique id that takes into account time and platform of creation so that there's no possible way for it to be confused when identical notes are present). I wish I could provide more information, and I will do so if I observe this behavior again.

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