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Bring back customisation



I am very dissapointed with the new Evernote. Essentially almost all customisation options have been taken away. I will address a few points that I immediately recognised.

  • Preferences are gone. This is embarrassing for a new release to be honest. Before it was possible to choose dark mode but leave the notes in light mode. Please include that option again.
  • Tables: It is not possible anymore to choose any color you want from a color picker, only a few preset colors. Also it is not possible to change the color of the table border anymore. This was essential for me since I put a lot of work in customising my notes and used tables in essentially almost every note.
  • Tables: You cannot resize tables anymore.
  • Attachments: You cannot resize the symbols of attachments anymore which makes notes very clunky. If you want to put an attachment in a table the table is messed up since the attachment symbols are very long. Either let the user resize the attachment icon or give options for smaller preview symbols, for example like widgets on iPhone where you can choose 3 sizes.
  • Fonts: I understand that for a fast note it is good to have only a few preset fonts. However, there should always be the option to choose the font you like. 

These are only a few points i realized immediately. I honestly cant believe how this was accepted as release. It is fine to rewrite everything from scratch but you cannot take away essentially all customisation options. This is an insult to the user since the user doesnt have any option and you reformat all notes that users have spent many hours to personalise.

I am sure if these customisation options dont come back, many users will leave and look for an alternative. The idea of a newer version of a program is improving on it not taking most of its features away.



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