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  1. Oh my god, I wish I hadn't 'upgraded' to 10.1.7 this morning. It's a really dumbed down version from what I had before. So many issues. Like, where is the Sync button? Why can't I have my note list at the top of the screen any more (crucial if you want to see more than a few columns in the list). Where are user preferences. This sucks BIG TIME. Evernote, you are alienating core (paying) users with this *****. And it's so SLOW! Aaargh, I hate this.
  2. I completely agree. I have just updated my windows application, and I'm now thinking "where are my user options". And "why can't I have my note list at the top any more". What the hell, Evernote?!
  3. I'm getting this too, when pasting into Outlook 2016 and Word 2016. Very annoying, and causing me lots of work when dealing with project checklists.
  4. I also get seemingly random skipping of words when using Ctrl+Right and Ctrl+Left when I'm using bulletpoint lists. Very annoying. Come on Evernote, the quality and is slipping in recent months, and little quirks aren't cute. As a mature company and a serious competitor in the notes market you need to be better than this.
  5. I agree, version 8 is terrible on my iPhone 6. It was fine before, but now it is approaching unusable (genuinely). It can take upwards of 2 seconds for the notebook list to start scrolling (i.e. I'm dragging my finger up and down the screen but the list ain't moving), 2 seconds to open a notebook after clicking, sometimes as much as 8 seconds of finger-dragging before the note list starts to scroll, you get the idea. In every area I've tried so far it is terrible. I have used EN for maybe five years, have >4000 notes and maybe 10 notebooks, some of which I want available offline (which doesn't seem to be working either on my iPhone). I can't rely on it like this. I will stick with it for a while in the hope that it gets back to its former zippiness, but at the moment it's not good people.
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