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Do not navigate to "All notes" when going back



I strongly  suggest:  bring back the old and intuitive navigation., as the new one is from a product perspective complete bullshit.


work flow example:


I start the app, I open the notebook list, I open a specific notebook. I open a note. I close the note by pressing the checkmark on the upper left.

When making the back gesture now (dragging von left of the screen to right), Evernote brings me to "All notes"-view. This makes no sense at all. One expects to come back to the notebook list again because this was the entry point on the journey.  But you somehow manage to trick the "all notes" view in between there. 

Seriously, I am so disappointed.  Releasing a version full of bugs is one thing. I understand that can happen. What you did with many features is something else however. This navigation issue somehow shows me that your product philosophy went completely in the wrong direction. Instead of making things easier and more convenient to use, you managed to take away features, while adding frustrating extra steps here and there. I cannot understand that at all and that makes me scary. I have lost my trust in your company. You will pretty sure say: "haha, who cares about that guy? He can't go somewhere else anyway. And even if he does we lose 60 bucks a year, who cares."  And you are right of course. But the thing is: in me, you have lost a fan and because of that a promoter. I use Evernote since 2008 and I use it a lot. And I showed and recommended it to at least 20 friends in the last years. I once even strongly recommended my company  to start using Evernote for Business. These things are all gone and will not happen anymore.

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