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(Archived) Evernote 2.0 for Android Beta Release Announcement

Philip Constantinou

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We appreciate your help in testing our upcoming version for Evernote 2.0 for Android. Our goal is to find and address as many issues as possible during the beta period. This is BETA software. By installing this application you are acknowledging the potential for data loss and/or corruption of your notes. Only individuals that understand the inherent risks associated with Beta software should install the Evernote 2 Beta. For these reasons, we request that users refrain from promoting the Beta outside of the Evernote Forum prior to its official release.

What's new in Evernote 2 Beta

The Evernote 2 Beta is an almost total rewrite of Evernote for Android, here's an overview:

Great new user interface

You'll immediately notice our new, more intuitive home screen, which allows you to make notes, gives you a great snapshot of the things you have in your account and shows synchronization status.

Easier sorting and browsing

We made browsing notes, tags and notebooks much easier. You can group your notes by notebook, location, or month and use the scroller to switch between sections. Note sorting happens lickity-split and even works offline. You can also press and hold on any of the notes in a note list to quickly access options like edit, delete, note info, email or tagging.

You'll noticed that we've changed the interface, adding a convenient header bar to make it easy to switch among searches, notes, tags, and notebooks.

Dramatically faster

Evernote 2 Beta dramatically improves browsing, viewing and searching through notes by downloading all data about your notes, such as tags, notebook names, saved searches, note titles, and thumbnails when you first launch the app. It will also do this periodically in the background to make sure you're always up-to-date (only available on Android).

In addition, whenever a note is viewed or created on the device, it will be stored offline for easy access even when there is no network connectivity. This feature is available for both free and premium users.

The initial sync may take some time, so we recommend connecting your phone to a power source and turning on WIFI.

Offline notebooks for Premium users

Premium users get even more. If you have an Evernote Premium account, then you will be able to specify the notebooks that you want to be saved for offline viewing. Evernote will then download all the notes contained in those notebooks, including any attached images and files, and saves them all onto your device's SD card.

Simpler note creation and multiple attachments

Creating new notes is now much more powerful, allowing you to attach as many images, PDFs or audio files as you'd like. In the new note and note editing screens, use the buttons in the header to add a picture, assign tags, switch notebooks, or pull in data from other application or your local files. We still have the quick snapshot note.

Sharing from other apps

You can capture information in other apps on your Android and send them to Evernote using the sharing option. We'll grab the info and turn it into a note.

When viewing a note, you'll see a little tab at the bottom of the screen. Flip this open and you can see all the notes in your current search. Scroll back and forth through the thumbnails to quickly switch between the notes. Also, you can tap the note title to see more note details.

Work in progress

There's a few things we haven't finished yet or aren't working perfectly.

We're still working out the kinks with sync, it's a little early to rely on it offline for critical information. The initial sync takes a while.

  • [*:3acidw69]Highlighting search results isn't fully implemented
    [*:3acidw69]Editing notes is still in the early stage of implementation
    [*:3acidw69]Play back and recording of audio now requires a 3rd party application
    [*:3acidw69]Note tag dialog does not yet auto-complete tag names
    [*:3acidw69]Upgrading from 1.5 to 2.0 Beta a little rough so you may need to uninstall Evernote 1.5 before installing 2.0 Beta
    [*:3acidw69]We still have some polish to add to the UI

Download the latest version at:


NOTE: This version will not auto-update. Please check back weekly for updates.

Submit bugs at:


If you encounter problems often the most useful diagnostic information is the current log file. The Android application "SendLog" is an easy way to get the current logs off the device.

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