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Two Evernote accounts



I want to use an app called Scanpro to automatically upload scans (of receipts, etc.) to my Evernote account.

The scans had apparently not been arriving into my account, but I have recently found the end of that mystery - I have two Evernote accounts, unbeknownst to me, and the scans have been uploading to my @gmail.com account instead of my @googlemail.com account. All my stuff is on the latter, and I do not use the former.

The problem is that scanpro requires me to enter my password for the Evernote account I want the scans to import to, and I only have the password for the account I do not use. The other one, I rely on Google sign-in to access. If I go through the "forgot password" route so as to gain access to the password for my @googlemail account, the changes are applied to my @gmail account, and do not affect the other.

I'm not quite sure how to overcome this. Can anybody help?

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I use ScanPro all the time. I like it because , if I choose to, I can encrypt the document before I send it to the cloud.

My procedure is to send my documents to a Dropbox folder which happens to be an import folder for Evernote.  When I invoke Evernote at the PC it automatically brings all my files in and then I tag them accordingly.

A side benifit is that all my notes are also remaining in the Dropbox folder. I never delete them and any important stuff is encrypted.

Works real good.  I hope EN10 will allow import folders.

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