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(Archived) Problems posting from alltel

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Hi there.

I'm new to Evernote, but I'm loving it for the most part so far. The only problem is, I'd really like to use my phone as my capture device for the service, but it doesn't seem to work. I have Alltel service, with a Samsung Hue as my phone model.

When I send, for instance, a picture to Evernote I get the following response:

Emailed note was not submitted.

Evernote was unable to submit your note for the following reason:

Emailed note was received, but an internal error occurred while processing it. This may be because the note/email is broken or d

... and then it cuts off. Not only is this annoying, but, effectively, it uses three of my monthly text messages, as it takes one to send it out, and the response is sent in a two part double text. If I send it to myself, the e-mail arrives fine. Any idea what the deal is? I've seen a couple people who had similar problems with Blackberries suggesting sending "as an MMS", but there's only one way to send with my phone, and it seems to send e-mail to e-mail addresses and MMS to phones.

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While we try to track down this problem, I'd be interested to know if you had any more luck if you tried Shozu ... you can set this up to email images from your phone, including emailing images into Evernote.


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