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"Expand Stacks automatically" option?


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Hi, I would like to share my feedback here, because the "Feedback" button disappeared from the Web version 6.15.0.

The buttons to expand/collapse Stacks, which are in form of tiny triangles left to Stack name are just to small/narrow. It's not a good UX design.

On a touch screen is not easy to point them. Usually I enter a Stack instead of to expand/collapse it.

I would like to suggest to:

1. Make a symbol to expand/collapse stacks bigger - easy to see and touch/click

2. Have an option to set all Stacks to be always expanded by default - currently I need to repeatedly expand Stacks each time I enter EvN web-page


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I'd like to further this just a little and ask for the option to expand just the shortcuts. I partly add notes to shortcuts to remind me to update them regularly, so if they're hidden it doesn't do the job so well. Thanks.

P.S. Perhaps this could be implemented through a three-function arrow next to the option, e.g. Expand > Lock > Hide.

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