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(Archived) UI improvements needed



I have posted about this before, in reference to both the PC and Mac versions. I find the thumbnails completely useless, and would LOVE to have the option to turn them off, while still retaining the same format view ("mixed view") in the middle pane. I also don't need the date modified or date created to be in the list - they're in the header of each note anyway if I need to refer to that, and notes could still be sorted on that data without having to take up so much space in the list.

Sorry to harp on with a repeat post (several months later, though), but I really think that having the OPTION to get rid of all thumbnails, as well as all create/modify dates in the lists, would be way more space-efficient. Would be able to see so much more of the list.

Yes, there is the "List" view on the PC and Mac, but this is ABOVE the main pane - it needs to be to the left of the main pane, as screens are WIDER than they are tall.

Thanks, and keep up the good work :D

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