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(Archived) Evernote continually running at 50%


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I just started using Evernote on my Android phone on Friday. I don't keep my phone constantly connected to the internet.

When I checked the resource usage on my phone yesterday afternoon, Evernote had been using 50% of the CPU for about 9 hours straight (lucky for me it was charging at the time). I force closed the app, but even today Evernote is still listed as the top app in my usage list for the past week even though it's only been installed for 2 days.

Is this normal?


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I believe mine did this as well. I haven't used Evernote on my phone that much lately, but last week, I was at about 70% battery and I took a picture to upload and my phone died about 25 minutes later, with Evernote as the second battery user (under display). When I tried to do the same today, it locked my phone up and I had to do a battery pull, then I opened Evernote again just to see if the note was still pending and it did it again.

I have never had these kind of issues in the past, only these two times, which I believe are the only 2 times I have used Evernote on my phone since the last update.

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