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  1. Thanks for the quick response. I understand your point. As most of us do... I mostly only see my own point of view. I only need a simple note app, but many of your users require more advanced features than I do. K.
  2. I just started using Evernote on my Android phone on Friday. I don't keep my phone constantly connected to the internet. When I checked the resource usage on my phone yesterday afternoon, Evernote had been using 50% of the CPU for about 9 hours straight (lucky for me it was charging at the time). I force closed the app, but even today Evernote is still listed as the top app in my usage list for the past week even though it's only been installed for 2 days. Is this normal? K.
  3. Okay I downloaded and tried Evernote on my Android phone and I like the app. But besides the excessive CPU usage (which I suspect could be because I don't have an always on connection to the internet), I cannot use Evernote without offline access. My main question to Dave is when could we expect offline access? The original post about off-line access was Dec 16, 2009, and the response just says it's a lot of work. Correct me if I'm wrong (I am also a web developer), but isn't the biggest issue with FULL bi-directional synchronization the issues that occur when needing to merge a document edited on multiple platforms? If you remove the capability to merge documents, bi-directional synchronization simply becomes a time-stamp check on the document; if the time-stamps are different, the newest version is copied over the older one. K.
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