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Ability to Hide "Default Notebook" Icon



I find the current icon distracting. For one thing, the fact that it is the default notebook doesn't really matter to me, so I don't need to see that constant reminder. Plus, I half consciously associate it with "downloading" something, since the icon is off a down arrow into a box. So I always have this nagging feeling that I'm waiting for something to finish downloading. I'd rather have it as a simple * symbol or something like that, or just not have an icon at all. Would be nice to have the option to hide the icon.

Anyone else find it distracting?



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I’ve not thought about it that way before but probably will now! Lol

Is there any particular reason why you don’t use the default notebook option?  I’ve been using EN for years and just recently came to realize the importance of it to my workflow. It’s the landing space for everything I put in to EN and then the items are sorted in batch—saves A TON of time for me and ensures that I don’t lose things.  But that’s just how my brain works ;) 

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