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Scannable pdfs appearing with background colours once pasted into existing pdfs



I use scannable for signature pages on contracts and have never had an issue until recently. Scans are great, emails perfectly with white backgrounds and even pastes into the existing pdf file no problem. But as soon as I save the file, the pasted in Scannable scanned page turns purpled. I have used my husband's phone and his scanned pages turn green. I've re-installed to no avail, and the support for Scannable seems non-existent. 

I use an iPhone 6 and a MacBook Pro, and have always done all my pdfs through Preview.

Thanks for any insight.

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I am experiencing Scannable issues with color as well.  

I have latest Scannable version installed (2.3.3)  on iOS at latest update (13.3. 1) running hardware iPhone 7 Plus.   I check for updates to iOS and app weekly and always update both when updates are available. 

I tried ambient office lighting and a photographic copy stand with special photographic halogen lighting that I use to reproduce historic artifacts accurately for presentations. .  

For some reason, some pages (mostly the 1st page of a pdf)  look like Sepia toned photographs on the halogen lighting.  The second page comes out like I would expect - more accurate. 

I have no problem usually with monochrome copy sources until recently.  I recently copied one document and would only scan the 2nd page accurately.  

The halogen lights work great for an iPhone camera photos so I suspect the sepia tone issue is an artifact of Scannable processing.   Sample attached for your consideration.  



Sample Scannable color problem.docx

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