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  1. 7:49 AM 11/12/2020 I just downloaded version 10 to migrate for current latest version. I COULT NOT OPEN MY ATTACHMENTS. This is USELESS to me. It cost me hours to research, install, reboot. reconfigure "LEGACY" to recover to where I was when I started this morning. I hope Evernote discovers a better quality control process. Now I need to spend time shopping the competition for a reliable tool. Very disappointed with the glossy email Evernote sent to me regarding v10. I had too much confidence in Evernote and got fooled into upgrading. P.S. I am not interested in spending hours trying
  2. I am experiencing Scannable issues with color as well. I have latest Scannable version installed (2.3.3) on iOS at latest update (13.3. 1) running hardware iPhone 7 Plus. I check for updates to iOS and app weekly and always update both when updates are available. I tried ambient office lighting and a photographic copy stand with special photographic halogen lighting that I use to reproduce historic artifacts accurately for presentations. . For some reason, some pages (mostly the 1st page of a pdf) look like Sepia toned photographs on the halogen lighting. The second pa
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