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(Archived) Written Notes Merged With Typed Notes - Possible?

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So I am rediscovering Evernote and I am using it quite a bit lately for college. I'm a history major at Sonoma State and Evernote is proving to be a great way to store research websites and information. However, I am having difficulty with the notes aspect of Evernote. Currently I use Microsoft Word to type out class notes. In MS Word I use the outline format, which is something I cannot seem to find in Evernote. Secondly, this semester I enrolled into an Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics class. For this class I am not only taking typed notes, but I am also taking written notes because there is no way for me to type out hieroglyphics onto my laptop. I have a Wacom bamboo tablet and what I want to be able to do in Evernote is take typed notes in the MS Word outline format, then be able to switch within the same note to hand written text for when I need to write in hieroglyphics. Is this possible? Or would it even be possible for me to copy an "ink note" into a typed note? Also, is there a way for me to import notes I have taken in MS Word into Evernote?

- Ricky D.

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IME, based upon what you've described, here's what I'd do, initially. I'd continue to keep notes in Word. You can drop the Word file into Evernote, so it's accessible anywhere you have an internet connection & can be opened on any computer that can open a Word document. IMO, it's just easier to use the right tool for the right job. EN allows a bit of formatting, but if formatting is important to your task, I'd stick with Word.

As far as co-mingling text with ink, IME, you cannot do that in EN. But (I think...can't swear to it & don't have time to try it right now), you may be able to select a text note & select an ink note & merge them. But since you'd probably want the images inline, I'd suggest using the Wacom in either EN or whatever app you use, then use Jetscreenshot.com) which allows you to take a screen cap & copy it to the clipboard. You can then paste it inline. Here's a test I did. It's still pretty cumbersome so maybe someone else has a better idea or maybe there's an app that's better suited to integrating text & ink. (OneNote allows this but IIRC, the thing I didn't like about Onenote & the Wacom is that I kept having to repeatedly switch to the ink tool.)

Good luck.


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Hmm, that's interesting.

Basically, what I am doing atm is drawing out my hieroglyphs in Photoshop in their own layer, ctrl + clicking layer to select image, ctrl + c to copy, then ctrl + v to paste into MS Word. It's quick enough for now, but it would just be so much nicer if I could do everything in one program and simply switch between typing and inking with one fluid motion.

One more thing, I used the method I described above and decided to import the Word doc into EN. I use the the WIN + a to clip it to EN, but when I viewed it in EN my roman numerals and everything else were converted to standard numbers. My outline format is such:











Instead, in EN it is converted to this:











(Those lines are in there only because the forum doesn't allow indents)

Kinda messed up... I like EN, but it would be nice if it could recognize these other formats.

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