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(Archived) Mac Client - Clipping Inaccurate

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Every time I try taking a screen clipping and setting my own size, it starts the clip from the top of the screen. The horizontal position is right, but the vertical position is way off and makes clipping unusable. Advice? Thanks guys!

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Do you get this problem trying to clip from both monitors? What's the orientation of your monitors? I.e. is the "primary" display (with the menubar) to the left or the right of the other one (or top/bottom)?

It looks like we might not handle multiple monitors completely correctly, although I can't reproduce your exact problem ... in my case, I just can't clip from my secondary monitor (which is to the left of my primary).

Thanks for the feedback ... we'd like to track this down and get it fixed.

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I think we've tracked down the problem, and it's definitely related to multiple displays ... but it seems to depend on the relative vertical layout, which is the primary, etc.

Anyway, I think we've fixed the problem for the next build (which should be pushed out via auto-update in about 2 weeks).

Thanks again

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