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Skitch 2.8.4 not working properly


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I recently upgraded to 2.8.4. Up until then, i was a grateful Skitch user, apart from syncing. (I chose Manual sync, thinking this means Skitch images would only get synced when i chose. But everything still gets synced automatically.)

The release notes says, “Minor bug fixes and improvements.” But for me, it *introduced* bugs and made Skitch worse.

I no longer have a Skitch menu on the top right, the view of Skitch notes in Evernote always comes up when i choose Skitch, and i’m no longer able to take a crosshair snapshot.

Thankfully Window Snapshot still works - provided you can put up with the Skitch notes in Evernote view that always comes up. The excellent markup features also seem to work as before.

This version has turned someone who was thankful to have Skitch to a frustrated user.

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