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  1. I recently upgraded to 2.8.4. Up until then, i was a grateful Skitch user, apart from syncing. (I chose Manual sync, thinking this means Skitch images would only get synced when i chose. But everything still gets synced automatically.) The release notes says, “Minor bug fixes and improvements.” But for me, it *introduced* bugs and made Skitch worse. I no longer have a Skitch menu on the top right, the view of Skitch notes in Evernote always comes up when i choose Skitch, and i’m no longer able to take a crosshair snapshot. Thankfully Window Snapshot still works - provided you can put up with the Skitch notes in Evernote view that always comes up. The excellent markup features also seem to work as before. This version has turned someone who was thankful to have Skitch to a frustrated user.
  2. I wasn't even aware i was running the beta version. When i first began using the web version, that was what i started with. Anyway, i switched back and everything's there. So very helpful advice.
  3. Ah, thank you for the tip.
  4. I'm pleased to say it worked itself out. I was very worried for something like 2-3 days about what was going on, but Evernote was doing what i said i thought it was doing in my last post: reorganizing itself. Once it had finished this reorganization process, things were back to normal.
  5. I use Evenote Web exclusively. For the last few days now, i haven't been able to view any of my notes. As the image below shows, i can see the 3 Evernote columns for the menu on the far left, notes index in the middle, and the 3rd column for the contents of an individual note. Except the contents of all my notes appear blank. Obviously Evernote still has a record of the notes, just isn't showing me their contents. I really appreciate being able to use Evernote - thank you Evernote team! - so i hope someone can help me resolve this.
  6. I use Evernote Web on a mac. I used to use the desktop app, but gave that up a fair while ago. Yesterday Evernote (web) behaved very strangely. When i went to look at my notes, there seemed to be some kind of auto-scroll in progress. I was unable to look at or create any notes, and i didn't know how to interrupt this process. I should've taken a screenshot at the time, but didn't think of it and just decided to come back later. Today when i looked at my notes, they weren't in typical order of most recent notes to oldest. When i looked at my note sorting, it wasn't set to most recent to oldest. I thought this was odd, but figured it was something to do with the auto-scrolling that happened the day before. I selected Sort by Most to least recent for All Notes, but this didn't bring me back a list of notes starting from 2019, but notes from 2014: When i reversed the sort, i got even older notes at the top of my list of notes: Notes from 2018 and 2019 do exist, but they only seem to come up when i search for them. I don't know whether any have been deleted and emptied - my Trash seems to only contain notes i've put there - although i have a feeling i had over 3000 notes. I'm not sure about this, as i didn't pay attention so could be wrong, but i only have around 1750 as i write this. However i did notice that when i first came across the problem my All Notes tally was only around 1500, so the number has crept up since that time. Could it be Evernote recognises some issue, and is in the process of rectifying it?
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