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In regards to the annotating features I would like to have several sizes for the "stamps".
Right now when you choose a "stamp" you only have 1 size as an option but I would like to have several sizes like we do with the other annotating options.

It would be nice to be able to choose a colour for each "stamp" instead of having to use the colour that Evernote has decided for you.

I would also like to have a "Number Stamp" added to the "stamp" options such as you would find within Nimbus. So instead of having a heart, checkmark, etc we would have a number inside it instead. I realize we can add text beside/ attached to the "stamps" right now (currently this is my work around) but to have the number stand out within the stamp would be more ideal. A more advanced feature would to see each stamp add to the counter. Example the 1st one you press would show a "1" the next would show a "2" instead of manually typing it out.

There are many times when I am using the "stamps" as steps/ reference points in the note where I will place the stamps in the appropriate spot & then under the pic will have text showing that Ref 1 (what I have typed attached to my stamp) does a certain thing.


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