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  1. Does it make a difference if you change your View Size setting?
  2. Yes, same issue plus any image I annotate. Very frustrating as I need inline images not attachments. Makes usage of EN for me questionable When I am near my desktop I will confirm Regarding Android mobile have you confirmed that your *View Options* has the *View Images* option selected?
  3. What do you mean when you say slides? Are you referring to PDFs since you mentioned Acrobat Reader? If so it seems I am in the same boat as you (didn't realize that before as I just checked after your post). All of my PDFs that I am trying to view via mobile are now the same scenario as I listed with my images. They can only be viewed as an attachment, not inline. However, via mobile (Android in my case) if I click the attachment it will load it up so that I can view it thru Evernote vs needing to use Acrobat Reader for example. It does not load it up for me in a way where it stays loade
  4. If you are referring to the images being seen as attachments vs inline then images can only be inline (preview) now if they are less than 10mb. If this is what you are referring to I am having the same issue. I have no issue viewing the image if I do nothing to it. However, if I annotate from a mobile device I can no longer Preview it, only download it. Frustrating as I require inline to be of use to me
  5. Alignments have not effected me so much but I have noticed a few changes to the images as well In my case I was using Evernote a lot for images. I would capture a pic, apply a quick annotation & continue on with my day. Once home would continue to expand ideas on the note. However, any time I apply an annotation from mobile now makes it exceed 10mb & thus I can only view the image as an attachment or download. I need to be able to see inline & should not have to download every annotated image. Very frustrated with this change. In my case the amount of friction caused is putti
  6. Not really liking the fact that they have removed the Local Notebooks. I used this a lot for certain info
  7. @CalS Would be interested in this list. If not it is fine either way. Good to know that you think it is just as good on Windows for your needs with your EN workflow
  8. I tried Nimbus for a while & they are a great app. Great support team, no question there However, I found trying to screen capture & annotate the images were quite clunky. For me, images & annotations are a 1st class citizen in my workflow so for me Nimbus is not quite there yet. Best of luck to you, though, if Nimbus is meeting all of your needs
  9. Thank you so much Sounds like nothing to the point that it would effect the user's experience
  10. I am tentatively considering moving from Mac OS to Windows. Is there any drawbacks/ missing features from the Windows version of Evernote compared to the Mac version?
  11. Would love to see videos supported in Evernote better. I use videos all the time but I have to use Dropbox to store them which I find frustrating needing to have 2 subscriptions. I realize that Evernote can support videos but it is limited to 200mb upload which is a ridiculous limitation when it comes to videos. It would be nice if somehow we could access the same size videos as all the other apps out there. If EN could do that it would be perfect for storing all of the various resources out there
  12. Love Evernote's annotations. Would love to see hotkeys associated with the various annotation functions. Example. Hotkey with arrows, highlights, text, etc. Would make it more productive instead of constantly stopping to go back to the trackpad.
  13. @wolphboy007 I agree with you but not sure this feature will ever be implemented as it has been requested for 9 yrs that I am aware of, perhaps longer. If it still hasn't arrived I am not going to hold my breath. Notion does have adjustable tables, depending what your definition of tables are, I suppose.
  14. I really like the note group setting feature where Evernote can group the notes to help you scroll through your given list of notes. It has been really helpful for me often. One of the features in regards to note grouping that the Android app has that the Mac app seems to be missing is in regards to the grouping of emojis. When on the Mac app if you choose the group setting (sorting by title) all of the notes that are not based on the alphabet gets grouped under the "#" grouping. When on the Android app I have that option as well but with each emoji I have (if the title begins with the emoj
  15. I would agree as well. It would be more helpful having it on the main page as this is a feature that I am constantly accessing
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