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  1. @wolphboy007 I agree with you but not sure this feature will ever be implemented as it has been requested for 9 yrs that I am aware of, perhaps longer. If it still hasn't arrived I am not going to hold my breath. Notion does have adjustable tables, depending what your definition of tables are, I suppose.
  2. I really like the note group setting feature where Evernote can group the notes to help you scroll through your given list of notes. It has been really helpful for me often. One of the features in regards to note grouping that the Android app has that the Mac app seems to be missing is in regards to the grouping of emojis. When on the Mac app if you choose the group setting (sorting by title) all of the notes that are not based on the alphabet gets grouped under the "#" grouping. When on the Android app I have that option as well but with each emoji I have (if the title begins with the emoji) has its own grouping. I love this feature on Android as I use my emojis to help clarify status & actions of a given project/ task. Now that Evernote seems to be focusing their efforts on unifying the varying platforms together I hope that this feature will eventually role out into the other platforms (specifically Mac app). Since the New Evernote Web Search allows us to search by emoji as well in the title I hope that the grouping of emojis will also come along.
  3. I would agree as well. It would be more helpful having it on the main page as this is a feature that I am constantly accessing
  4. Would love colour tags/ labels. Also would be nice to be able to search by colour & not just text If windows has had this feature for a while then this seems like something that should be part of unifying the platforms, where each platform can do the same thing Anyways, + 1 for colour tags
  5. + 1 for markdown support (all platforms, ideally)
  6. In regards to the annotating features I would like to have several sizes for the "stamps". Right now when you choose a "stamp" you only have 1 size as an option but I would like to have several sizes like we do with the other annotating options. It would be nice to be able to choose a colour for each "stamp" instead of having to use the colour that Evernote has decided for you. I would also like to have a "Number Stamp" added to the "stamp" options such as you would find within Nimbus. So instead of having a heart, checkmark, etc we would have a number inside it instead. I realize we can add text beside/ attached to the "stamps" right now (currently this is my work around) but to have the number stand out within the stamp would be more ideal. A more advanced feature would to see each stamp add to the counter. Example the 1st one you press would show a "1" the next would show a "2" instead of manually typing it out. There are many times when I am using the "stamps" as steps/ reference points in the note where I will place the stamps in the appropriate spot & then under the pic will have text showing that Ref 1 (what I have typed attached to my stamp) does a certain thing. Thanks Cheers
  7. Add my vote to this feature request I would really like to see it as well as I think it would be a game changer
  8. I have been testing the Web-Beta system. A feature that I think would be a great addition to the block system would be expandable/ collapsable lists aka toggle lists
  9. I am liking the blocks that I see in the New Editor (Beta-Web). However, when it comes to text it seems that I can only move text in a list format around but not just text (example sentence or paragraph). I can move other data formats such as pics, tables, etc around as well. I would truly like to be able to move all forms of text around. Anything that shows up in the Editor as part of the note I would like to be able to move around. Also, when moving the blocks that can be moved, they seem to only be able to move above or below another block which is kind of limiting in regards to the block system. It would be nice if they could move around like some of the other apps out there (such as Notion, Nimbus, etc) in that the blocks can be moved beside each other as this would open more doors. Good job, though. Definitely moving in the right direction.
  10. True. The access point for the current Notebook on any platform I use (Classic Version) seems to operate in a way where there is no reason to replace the "move to notebook" tab with a "quick current notebook" tab.
  11. That does sound like it would be a handy feature. Which keys are you hard pressing? Is this on a laptop/ desktop or is this a mobile device? I know what you mean with hard pressing on web sites with mobile devices but have not really seen much in that regard on laptops. It would be a good feature, though, from the sounds of what I am visualizing. Do you by chance have a screenshot? Trying to duplicate it on my Mac & want to make sure I don't have that feature The Home I am referring to was in the context of using a "breadcrumb trail" to quickly get to the Notebook that the Note is contained in. So in the example of the breadcrumb trail, if you had applied searches (or whatever scenario you might want to think of) & wanted to quickly get to your Notebook, the Home could be the first item listed in the breadcrumb. There are many possibilities. I know this is sounding confusing through text so I have attached a pic to hopefully clear things up a little bit. Agreed. We have very close set up to that as well. Both work just fine. My main thing is that I would want the "move to notebook" option (whatever method that might be) to be on the main screen of the Note Editor for easy accessibility. True. I find the web version very limited indeed. It would be nice to think it would improve over time, but that has been requested for a while so who knows
  12. Using the table sounds like it could be an interesting work around. Thanks for the suggestion.
  13. I am not quite sure what you are referring to in regards to navigating with the Alt + arrow keys as I am on a Mac & not windows. You have my interest, though, so I would like a little more detail on what you are referring to. Yes, a breadcrumb trail would be much like the history in a web browser. I have attached a screenshot as a sample, too, in order to help clarify what I am referring to. By having a breadcrumb trail it would be easy to have quick access to the "home" notebook or any of the nested items. Personally, I would like to have quick access to moving my note into a different notebook (such as the classic editor) from the note editor without having to click several tabs to access it. At the moment (Beta Web) you have to now click the setting button (3 dots top RH corner), click the "move to notebook" option then choose the desired notebook. These extra steps will make it counter-productive as it will require extra steps to simply move my note. I am hoping, at the very least, the hotkey shortcut for moving the note into a notebook will still exist but I can't verify that since I cannot find any hotkeys for the Web Evernote & cannot test it since I don't have access to the Mac Beta Editor.
  14. Regarding the blocks that I am now seeing in the Web client & as of today the Mac client v7.12 (where you can grab, drag & drop the line) I am excited to see. However, it would be nice if the blocks could be set up like most of the other Note Apps out there. Right now the drag & drop of the blocks in Evernote can only be done in a vertical fashion (above or below). It would be nice to see it at the next level where you could place 1 block beside another block. This would be useful when a note has several pics & being able to place them beside each other so you can see it all at once instead of scrolling up & down. Easier reviewing notes when comparing as well. It would be handy this way where you could place pics beside a table, text beside a pic, combinations would be endless.
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