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Copy local HTML page, paste into note doesn't include images

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If I select a portion of a remote web page, copy, and paste into a note in desktop version, the text, formatting, and images look proper. But when I do the same in a local HTML page, the text and formatting are fine but the images are only represented by small green icons. I can go to the source image, copy it, and paste it into the note, but why do I have to do this extra step? To document (attached):

Example.html is the original file I want to paste into a note.

Example.jpg is the image in the page.

Example - ScreenClip Page.png is an Evernote screen clip of the page. Shows the image.

Example - Paste Page Into Note.enex is the note created by Pasting the page from the clipboard. The image appears as a small green icon.


Example - ScreenClip Page.png and Example.jpg:

Example - ScreenClip Page.png


Example - Paste Page Into Note.enex Example.html

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Thanks for the input. You may be right. The link to the local file begins with file:. When I upload Example.html and Example.jpg to my web site, making a http: link, the copy/paste puts the image into the note. Have to wonder why, though, because either way the paste is from the clipboard. And if I paste into Word, the image is also pasted. I'd prefer to use EN Web Clipper, but it does not do local files.

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