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(Archived) Google Notebook Export Atom option not working

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I am using google notebook and want to import my notebooks to evernote, but as soon i hit the export button on a Google Notebook, and choose the atom option, it says that appears to be a broken link, in other words this option is not working. I saw that other user posted this, but no one gave a solution to this. Is there another option besides the atom export option from Google notebook to import my notebooks from there. Cause this might be a factor for me to change to evernote, if not i all stay in Google Notebook.


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Are you seeing that error from a page on Google's site, or are you seeing the error on Evernote when you try to import the Atom output?

If the error is on Google's site, we may have a hard time fixing the issue, although you could copy and paste individual notes from Google Notebook to save them into Evernote.

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hey thanx, i am seeing the error on Googles site. And i have a lot of notebooks so copying and pasting each might one might take a long time. Hope you guys can find another way to import notebooks from Google besides the option with atom.

thanx anyways

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I know that Google Notebook isn't officially supported by Google any more, but you may want to tell them that that page on their site just fails completely with that error. It can't hurt to suggest to them that they fix that.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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