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I am liking the blocks that I see in the New Editor (Beta-Web).
However, when it comes to text it seems that I can only move text in a list format around but not just text (example sentence or paragraph). I can move other data formats such as pics, tables, etc around as well.
I would truly like to be able to move all forms of text around. Anything that shows up in the Editor as part of the note I would like to be able to move around.

Also, when moving the blocks that can be moved, they seem to only be able to move above or below another block which is kind of limiting in regards to the block system. It would be nice if they could move around like some of the other apps out there (such as Notion, Nimbus, etc) in that the blocks can be moved beside each other as this would open more doors.

Good job, though. Definitely moving in the right direction. 

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