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Hi all,

just a bug-report:

i found those two old posts without a solution:

Inconsistent web clipper behavior in Safari

Email functionality seems incredibly limited

as opening and editing this thread (where you can see the attachments with correct filesize and filename),

i deleted those two BMP images from the note with the delete-key, to put new images into that note.

then, i draged'n'dropped a new image from a website (amazon, zoomed product image), which was automaticly converted by EN to a ZIP-file and inserted to that note.


because i did not need and cannot view the content of ZIP files inside a note quickly, and i just wanted to have that seen picture imported to the note, i deleted that zip file again from that note.

then, i pressed UNDO a lot of times to have both the BMP files back in the note, where they were before.

unfortunately, the images seem to be broken and i just don't know why.



i have the note history, so restoring would be simple, but thats not the point.

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