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(Archived) graphicglitches inside pdf notes



hi all,

especially support crew :-)


please have a look at this video from position 1:30.

its *not* about the broken search results here, this also happens in pdf files, where the search works correct.

i tried to reproduce this bug, but i shows up very randomly ;-)

skip the begining of the video to 1:30. the bug comes more often after 1:30.

what i did:

i searched inside a pdf for a text.

on the result, i moved the mousewheel a bit down or up to move the result to the middle of the screen to see a little bit more context.

then, sometimes, while moving the mousewheel, the text within the PDf gets corrupted. you see this fine at 1:47 or 2:16

to correct this displayglitch, just pres the left mousebutton inside the pdf. this helps as a workaround, but it would be nicer, if this bug wouldnt apper.

THIS video shows the bug great:

moving the mousewheel up to scroll the found result a little bit more to the middle of the PDf result in a graphic-glitch.


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the support told me, that this might be fixed in the new version, so i'd like to test it.

unfortunately, if i try the same searchterm (as in the video from my first post), i don't have any searchresult.

in the previous version, i had 1263 result.

its the same pdf file and opened in adobe reader or preview.app i have a lot of searchresults.

so whats wrong here?


i don't think, fixing the glitches with restricting the search is a good idea ;-)

EDIT: the searchterms were "ges" and "referenz"

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Hello, i just got that bug shown in the video at 1:49 in another PDF file.

i'm using 2.0 now, so this .

the other enviroment should be mostly the same as when i posted the first report (but i did not mentioned it, so shame on me...):

MacBookPro, MacOSX v10.6.5, snowleopard w/ all with the available comboupdates installed.

if i can be of further assistance, let me know.

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