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The new version of Evernote for iPad doesn’t have the little arrow that allows one to change the direction of the paragraph. For me, as a user that also write in a “right to left” league, that’s a devastating development that will force me to look for a new platform. I’m an Evernote user for eight years now, and recommended the service to many friends and family members. I understand that there aren’t many “right to left” leagues and now, that Evernote is a successful company they don’t feel like they have to keep supporting this feature but tomorrow it might be a different feature that is crucial to someone else’s work that they decide to omit without a warning. I accept that they are allowed to change the app between versions but this is not a minor change - for me, it was a central feature and a big reason in my decision to use the app. I feel that this is very disrespectful of my time and effort - I have a huge database in Evernote that I cannot update and can barely use anymore. I didn’t even get an answer when I asked if that’s a permanent change or not, just a bland suggestion to bring this up in the forum. Well, this is me bringing up this issue although in light of the response I’ve got from support I’m not actually brimming with hope 😕

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