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Please Restart Your App - Error Message

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Me too. Had to uninstall and reinstall Evernote to fix another problem. Uninstalled the first time just by deleting it. Reinstalled and got the error. Tried uninstalling the new install with CleanMyMac but still got the error on reinstall. Finally uninstalled with AppCleaner and still got the error on reinstall.

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Thanks, I had tried that. But it didn't work. I finally found out that the recent app upgrade was not compatible with my OS (I'm behind in upgrading!). So, I deleted the app and re-installed the earlier version. And all is happy. 

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I'm getting this message, too. And, I could'nt open the App. But, I finally did it with the following:
Find "Evernote" with Spotlight. Detele all the Evernote-related files. Download Evernote. Restart Evernote.
You probably get a success.

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