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  1. This is where I found an earlier version: Download Evernote 7.38 Build 457453 - FileHippo.com I'm running Mac OS 10.12.6.... So, I'm a bit behind. There should be a "stop" in the new install that warns you the update will not work on your version of the computer..... Hope this helps.
  2. Thanks, I had tried that. But it didn't work. I finally found out that the recent app upgrade was not compatible with my OS (I'm behind in upgrading!). So, I deleted the app and re-installed the earlier version. And all is happy.
  3. I upgraded Evernote a day or two ago and I'm getting this message (see image) and cannot fix it. I have rebooted. And restarted. AND I cannot get onto my notes via Chrome either! Please help!
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