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error message in app when I open shared document

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The app gave me a vague "something went wrong" error when I clicked a link of a document shared by my wife. The link arrived in my email. I clicked it. It ask to 

open in the android app. I clicked to button to open in the app. The app opened up, but failed to open the shared document and gave some vague error saying something had gone wrong.


When I got home. I open up my browser and tried again. This logged me out of my evernote account, after logging in again I could at last open the shared document.

Cause? I do have a few email addressed, and the link was not sent to the email address that I use to login to evernote with. 


While I love evernote, and use it every day. I tend to fine sharing notes painful. These days I tend to avoid sharing notes via evernote, it is simpler to copy and paste. I never bother much with the share

option, as it is hard to know if the other person will read note. 


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