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  1. Re: Cursor jumps to start of note - while I am typing It makes Evernote unusable for notes. As it does it every 10 to 20 words. I think it always happens when I pause to think. But there looks to be other factors as well. Re:Regression - I have see this bug before - or something very similar. Re: Cause/reproduce : Looks related these: undo, delete, pausing while I think, cursor is in the middle of a note rather than the end. e.g. I typed "- how about now" on a new line. ... first I typed "- " then did undo ctrl+z to remove the bullet. Then typed the rest. I paused after typing now and the cursor jumped to the start of the note. It was not the last line of text in the note. Maybe I hit delete at some point, not sure. It is hard to reproduce consistently. , there looks to be more than one cause. Re: my system I am using chrome on windows 10 Version 87.0.4280.141 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  2. Incorrect Password bug - chrome stored the password. I get the message "Incorrect Password". The first time I click "Sign In", I get "Incorrect Password", but it works fine the 2nd time I click "Sign In" . - Both times chrome entered the password in the password box. Background/setup: Google Chrome is up to date - Version 87.0.4280.66 (Official Build) (64-bit) Windows 10 - up to date login to web client Happened after "remember me for 30 days" expired. I have seen this more than once. Not sure when it started. I don't think the issue is with chrome - because all my other sign ins work just fine. I have quite a few.
  3. Thanks. Shareable link - I see "Shareable link" has improved and is good for sharing. It looks like the old message that asked you to sign up has gone. much better. The "Invite People" is a little vague, it invites people to signup to evernote so they can edit/view. This is what caused my problem. .... the app is better, as it says "Share within evernote". Sharing by email - I could not find this on the web app or the mobile app. Maybe this is a desktop feature. Anyway, thanks for you help with this. I now have a way to share that should work.
  4. DTLow My point is sharing fails - i.e. the UX fails. I understand there is more than one way to share. I have used a link to share and also the same outcome. I.e. the person did not get the document and I need another solution. I don't think any it work well, but maybe I am wrong, as I avoid using it. How have you got on, with sharing. Is there a good way to share documents that actually works 99% of the time. ie. the user gets the shared document 99% of the time?
  5. When I share, most of the time - The person never gets the document that I try to share. Let me explain. I almost never share notes. I did share a document a few days ago and got this reply: "We received your request to chat through Evernote. Unfortunately we do not use this software/platform. Would you please ensure any future correspondence is by telephone, email, fax or letter." If I remember correctly, I have only used the share option 3 times, 2 of the 3 times, I got a response similar to the one above. This would suggest the share option is broken. i.e. I don't want to use it and when I do use it, most of the time it fails work. I don't mean it does not share, I mean the document does not get shared. The person never gets the document that I try to share. Eddy.
  6. The app gave me a vague "something went wrong" error when I clicked a link of a document shared by my wife. The link arrived in my email. I clicked it. It ask to open in the android app. I clicked to button to open in the app. The app opened up, but failed to open the shared document and gave some vague error saying something had gone wrong. When I got home. I open up my browser and tried again. This logged me out of my evernote account, after logging in again I could at last open the shared document. Cause? I do have a few email addressed, and the link was not sent to the email address that I use to login to evernote with. While I love evernote, and use it every day. I tend to fine sharing notes painful. These days I tend to avoid sharing notes via evernote, it is simpler to copy and paste. I never bother much with the share option, as it is hard to know if the other person will read note.
  7. Make it possible to report bugs The bug: lost content Many time now when I have been working on larger documents I have lost content. This was ok because 2 copies of the document somehow appeared, one would have the right content in. But this no longer happens and so valuable content gets lot. I would like to be able to report this, but don't know how. I have just lost several hours worth of work and am not happy. This happens on such a regular basis, it is a bug.
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