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Saved Search list not displaying in widget

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I think this may be releated to the "search not working anymore" since the last update, which is also not working for me anymore.

I can select every other option for the list view of the widget (last shown, recently, notebook, reminder...  sorry if not all options are correct, I use the german version of Evernote), and they all show a list of notes in the widget as they should.

But if I select the "saved search" option, then none of my saved searches show up, I only get the very unhelpful message "list can not be shown, maybe there is a problem with your WLAN". Yes, surely. I didn't now that EN on Android is only to be used with WiFi...

Yes, EN on Android does not get much love. But releasing an update ("dark mode is better", and I even like and use dark mode) which breaks search, which frankly is one of the most import features of a note keeping app, and (a) not repairing it or (b) rolling back the changes as quickly as possible baffles me.

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I have the same issue. Nothing seems to help.

I've cleared data and uninstalled the app, then reinstalled it. Now the saved search option is not available in widget settings. I can't even see the saved searches in the app any more.

@EverNote I have "Plus" account that I have been paying for a few years now. Can you please sort this out.

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