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Hi together,

I have a question regarding the search in evernote.
Currently I have about 1200 notes. Some notes has only a pdf document.

In the title and in the name of the document is the corresponding reference.

As example ... 2019_04_16_RE_Selgros.pdf

Now I try to find this note with the searchbar. But I didn't get it.

Have tried: intitle:selgros or intitle:selgros* or only selgros*

Is it not possible to find this note?

(sorry for my bad English)

Regards Armin


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intitle: (and Evernote search in general) doesn't do searches that match inside of a string of non-blabk characters, so that's the reason that 'selcgros' cannot be found. If 'selgros' is a common part of note titles in your workflow, a workaround would be to have a 'selgros' tag and apply it as needed.I know, but search improvements like infix matching have been made, but Evernote hasn't implemented it so far.

As a side note, notes that contain PDF files can be found using: resource:application/pdf

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4 hours ago, armin_muess said:

Maybe I can insert a blank before and after "Selgros"? 

In the PDF file name? That would work (actually you would only need to add a space before "Selgros").

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