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22 hours ago, tomgda said:

Is there some way to find type of attachment in all notes? For example: I'd like to find all notes with mpeg file.

Yes. See https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php


resource:[MIME type string] - will match notes that have a resource with a MIME type that matches the argument. E.g.:

  • resource:image/gif
    • Matches notes with at least one image/gif resource
  • resource:audio/*
    • Matches notes with at least one audio resource
  • -resource:image/*
    • Matches notes with no images
  • resource:application/vnd.evernote.ink
    • Matches notes with one or more ink resources

For example:  resource:video/*

to find all videos.  You can try other MIME types to get what you want.

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