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Clipper Save Page Window Pane Improvements



When you use the Evernote Clipper you are presented with your webpage and then transposed to your wishes i.e. Simplified page. The Settings Panel allows the user to then add tags and make the place for which notebook will get the new Note. Often the settings panel gets in the way of highlighting page text or reading it. And to this end it has a Minimize function which elevates the panel out of the way. Often I minimize it and when I am finished highlighting a page I mistakenly close the small minimize window using the X there - losing my notebook settings, tags and highlights all in one fell swoop. Why not have the SAVE button also be in the minimized version so the user doesn't kill their own work. As it is now the user has an extra step, to un-minimize and then save. 

Clipper Step 1.png

Evernote Clipper Step 2.png

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