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[Request] Content formating in presentation mode




I would be very nice if you could provide proper formating in presentation mode.

In situation when there are tables and colors in note, it cannot be used in presentation mode because it's look very ugly and unprofessional. 

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Hi there, thanks for this report. I can reproduce it exactly as you mention, and have reported it to the development team. I don't have an estimate on when to expect it to be fixed. 

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Yeah, second this request to at-least have a default font set option in prefs for setting the presentation mode fonts. As an addition to this formatting or lack there of. My presentation randomly started using GOTHAM font instead of the old legible one. Now Presentation mode is completely unusable, if not embarrassing. This was the only feature with web-clipper that I use en for! ~So gutted.

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typo spelling in word -randomly
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