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(Archived) Clipping into an existing note



New user here.

Every time I clip something into Evernote from another app, say Safari or Preview, it creates a brand new note. What I would like to do is import content into an existing note.

So, I'm taking notes for class. I've got Notebook for each subject (eg, Biochemistry), then a Note for each individual class (eg, Monday, 8/15 10-12p). I want to bring in lots of different stuff into that Note for Monday's class. Clip in stuff from handout pdf's in Preview, lecture slides in Powerpoint, and of course type myself.

The only kludge I've figured out so far is to make tons of separate notes with each "Clip to" action, then merge everbody into one big note. But it's awkward, and inserts giant Title segments between each section.

Searched for the answer to this, but must have done a lousy job. Seems like there should be a way to do this?

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No, there isn't currently a way to clip into an existing note with a single operation. You can clip into a new note and then Merge, or you can copy and paste into an existing note, however.

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