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Request: Simplified/Remove formatting, actually simplifies and removes the formatting.



One of my uses of Evernote, like many others, is to save articles for reading. I used to use Pocket, but I gathered so many articles, their tagging and search function couldn't hold up, so I switched to Evernote. The issue is Evernote's Simplified Article still has some formatting, even hitting the "remove/simplify formatting button, it still keeps the article in a small column. Whereas if you send an article to Pocket, then send it to Evernote, it truly removes all the formatting giving the article room til fill the whole window making it much easier to read. It would be nice if the Simplified Article option in the Web Clipper and the Remove Formatting button when editing a note, actually simplified/removed all the formatting. As you can see below, the remove/simplify formatting still leaves tons of wasted white space, whereas sharing from pocket utilizes as much screen as it can, making it much easier to read and maximizes note taking efficiency.


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