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(Archived) no RTF on iPad - disable on Mac?




What really could be a great app on the iPad is turning out to be a disaster because notes in RTF format created on the Mac when synced with the iPad cannot be read or edited. This has already been extremely troublesome in a number of business situations. In addition, notes that I expected to be plain text when entered on the Mac turn out to RTF when synced with the iPad.

If I didn't like the iPad app so much I probably would have abandoned Evernote by now.

Does anybody know of a way to make plain text the default on the desktop app so all my notes go in as plain text and I don't get blindsided by this RTF problem again?

Thanks in Adavance.

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If I have a note with RTF that is just some Bold for titles and other destroyable formatting I use the COPY to plain text button on the iPad. it works when i'm stuck in a meeting with rtf notes to work with.

I am looking forward to RTF on the iPad a lot!

by the way i even get formatting here "why not on my iPad!"

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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