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Search overline does not stay on searched word



Every time I'm searching in my notes and the yellow overline appears on the searched word it wont stay in place. When I scroll down to look for other sentences including the searched word, then the yellow overline follows and then none of the searched word will be overlined anymore. So basically my whole search system doesn’t work. Anyone who can help?

Exams are coming up, and I’m very frustrated about this… 


I am upgraded to the latest version of Evernote on my Macbook Air 10.14. 

I have attached two screen dumps from the same text. The only difference is that I scrolled down one sentence in one of the dumps. You can see that the yellow boxes have moved. I searched the word “Buddha”

Skærmbillede 2018-12-06 kl. 18.15.50.png

Skærmbillede 2018-12-06 kl. 18.16.05.png

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I am having the very same problem. It started happening a few weeks ago, and I think it might be tied to the 10.14 version of the Mac OS. I really hope that Evernote will recognize and solve this problem. Until then, there is no way to track word searches in any notes. 

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