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(Archived) Feature-Request: Grouping Search Results

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Hi EN-Forum!

after using EN-Premium for 6 months I more and more miss a view of search-results, where everything is kind-of grouped. Many Media-Programs like itunes or WMP can group search-results by albums/artists/... and seperate these by lines (or s.th.else). For me, such a feature would be very useful in EN, because I use the notebooks GTD-like as my different areas-of-focus (house-man, worker, cook, car-driver,...). Grouping (and maybe deselecting single notebooks not of interest atm) the search-results i.e. for my undone tasks by notebook would precisely show what i want to see. this is surely just one example why this could be useful. Many email-clients (outlook,...) do this grouping, too...

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