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  1. oh, please do this. i tried to improve the performance using the deinstall-reboot-reinstall-tip from one of your support-guys and it seemed to work well for about a day. ATM, i've done this the second time and nothing works better than before. Evernote uses 99% CPU-Usage nearly all the time and i can't work with it anymore in this state. it's really horrible to click one button or just a simple checkbox in a note in EN and wait up to several minutes (i fell asleep waiting half an hour ago and found it at 99% when i woke up again after 10min) for s.th. to happen. happy to have w7 installed :S
  2. Hi EN-Forum! after using EN-Premium for 6 months I more and more miss a view of search-results, where everything is kind-of grouped. Many Media-Programs like itunes or WMP can group search-results by albums/artists/... and seperate these by lines (or s.th.else). For me, such a feature would be very useful in EN, because I use the notebooks GTD-like as my different areas-of-focus (house-man, worker, cook, car-driver,...). Grouping (and maybe deselecting single notebooks not of interest atm) the search-results i.e. for my undone tasks by notebook would precisely show what i want to see. this is surely just one example why this could be useful. Many email-clients (outlook,...) do this grouping, too...
  3. hi there, on my 2009-mbp with 2GB of RAM I have significant speed problems, too. I also have dozens of large pdf files up to 20-30mb and alltogether around 7500notes containing nearly anything. the database is about 3,5GB atm. What appears curious is that the EN-on-W7-Installation on the MBP (via Bootcamp) is much more faster than the Mac-App using the same-account. though there are some local notebooks that are only on the mac-app, the performance-discrepancy is huge between snow-leopard and W7 on the same hardware. the mac-app hangs very often for several minutes at 99%-CPU-usage just after opening up, creating a single note, doing a search, whatever. If I want to create a fast note, i grab my blackberry and (instead of using the "so-called" bb-app) write an e-mail to my EN-account; i think that's not really how it was meant to work... When i was using EN 6months ago, i could show-off with the performance of search and input and anything that made EN for me the ALL-in-one-app, but right now it's like having Windows7 on a intel-celeron with 256mb ram installed. I can agree that using the spotlight-search is the best way to search notes on the mac while having lots of large pdf-files. what i don't accept is the proposal to delete the large pdf-files in the db in order to make the system work proper and "in flow" again. it was the main reason i switched to premium that also many big pdfs could be handled by EN. i hope you guys find a solution for this before/instead of adding 10 or 20 more apps to the trunk. thanks edit: i sent a support-request containing the EN-activity-log and the system-monitor-analysation
  4. Thanks Dave! i've realized the things you've mentioned a bit too late by myself to save all tag-information but at least 2/3 of it. What I've realized on the other clients that synced afterwards was, that in the first 2-5 seconds of synchronisation the "old" tags were already gone before one single new note was added... One curious thing still exists: the deleted tags are gone from the left side but some notes still contain them but they aren't searchable anymore. i guess i messed too much things on too many clients up thanks for the support!
  5. update: it seems, that at least in the web-app i'm still able to find the 500notes, hat have lost the tag and am able to re-tag them more or less easily. After i recognized that there was a big problem in the Mac-App, i've forced to quit it. Now I'm very unsure, if it'll sync changes that'll make even more problems as there already are. Should i try to reopen the mac-app offline/online? thanks, tim
  6. Hello, I'm using EN for about 8 Months now and I love this system every single day and have about 5800 notes. One very important aspect for me is the use of the GTD (Getting things done by David Allen) -System in EN. For this purpose I have created a bunch of different tags which I use for finding my notes. It seems (I can't remember), that I deleted one (or in worst case all) of my "GTD-Tags" (they are or have been Subnotes) that included about 400 Notes. Now the work of about 6 Months of using the GTD-System in EN seems to be partly destroyed and I'm am very unhappy about that. Because I use EN in 3 Systems (1x Windows XP, 1x Windows 7 and 1x OSX), 2 of them haven't synced the changes (deletion of the tag) yet. The changes (deletion) were made in the Mac-EN Desktop-App. After looking in the web-App I've seen, that at least the most tags are still there and just one (the most important one ) is deleted. Because I didn't recognized it directly that the tags were gone by tagging a new note i've kind of overwritten the old tag. Funnily enaugh I've thought several times in the past weeks, that it would be a helpful feature if it would be possible to "lock" the tags: preventing the user by option to create new ones and delete old ones. Now that doesn't help me anymore but maybe there's a way to re-upload my EN-DB from one of the windows-Systems?? I would be very pleased if anyone has an idea how i could save hours of time looking through at least 1000 notes and retagging them correctly. the paper-basket saves every deleted note but unfortunately not the deleted tags... thanks in advance, tim
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