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Option to include URL in clip

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The URL is already included in the clip, but it's not added to the note body. It's available in the  note Info, which you can access in various ways on the various Evernote clients. In the Windows client, this is on the note editor panel's toolbar by default (the icon is the letter 'i' in a circle).  Also in the Windows client, you can also see it in list view if you include the "Source URL" field

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in  the "new" interface to go to the hyperlink of notes that were added using the web clipper it now takes 5 steps :
Click the 3 dots in the top right
Click note info
Click in the url field
Press control A to select the whole link
then right click to select the option to go to that link 

on the previous version it is just displayed in the top right hand corner and you can click on it!

Hey that is so much easier isn't it NOT!!!!

Come on evernote - this is an awful step back.

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