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Max Pukhov

A misprint in Russian

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Hi! It`s not so critical in cases of making misprints in languages and we make them everywhere. Evernote service is not the exception. I truly strive to help you guys to provide the leading products of today. Here`s a little notice.

Attached you will find a picture with a misprint in Russian, where the letter "м" should be "т" ("будет").

As a corrector in languages and a trainer, I must say that you need to change some Russian texts in parts because it looks lapidary, clumsy or even without translation.



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Hi Max,

Thank you for brining this to our attention. We have made the correction to from "будем" to "будет" and it will reflect on the website shortly.

I truly appreciate you taking the time to submit feedback and provide insight on the Russian translations here at Evernote. I encourage your to visit our translation server where you can review existing translations and continue to add corrections / suggestions. From there you, can report issues with translations yourself using the "Report a problem with this string" button. Those reports go directly to us and help us continue to improve.


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