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Broken Image Symbols in place of Images



 have never had a problem until three days ago after downloading the lastest version of evernote.  
i uninstalled, reinstalled Evernote ran diagnostics on the drive (nothing).  

Dream Vista
Sat, Sep 22, 9:52 PM (3 days ago)
dear evernote my files are okay on other computers and iphone but not the one that i reported the trouble on. the computer i am referring to is my main computer

Dream Vista
Sat, Sep 22, 9:56 PM (3 days ago)
i uninstalled and reinstalled evernote but nothing has improved (same error persists, a lot of images are broken and that is, there is a symbol of a broken imag

Dream Vista
Sat, Sep 22, 9:59 PM (3 days ago)
i think i need the last installable version on this computer. my other computer wished to do a evernote upgrade i declined.

Dream Vista
Sat, Sep 22, 10:00 PM (3 days ago)
this is an asus t200

Dream Vista <daveatcafe@gmail.com>
Sun, Sep 23, 12:48 AM (2 days ago)
to support-webform

dear Evernote so am i the only one with this problem images have broken image symbols?

not all my images are messed up.  
i did contact Evernote but no reply as yet so i am trying the Evernote community.  many of my friends and family i have turned onto Evernote but now i am troubled

.  i do have paid plan. 





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i uninstalled and reinstalled Evernote previous to this. But the broken image symbol problem remained the same.

this time i uninstalled Evernote and looked for any data folder Evernote might have left behind and there was an 'evernote data' folder.  I deleted and reinstalled. 
the new Evernote install downloaded a clean copy of my data.  all is okay now.


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