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  1. slow slow slow. on both of my computers. and i have cleaned the computer. uninstalled re-installed evernote. i am perplexed i had to upgrade my subscription of InfoSelect that i used for 20 years that can handle any amount of data even whole books with hundreds of pages per file. my evernote can't handle 15 pages of text!!!!!???? what to do?? it use to be fast. please help!!!!
  2. PROBLEM SOLVED i uninstalled and reinstalled Evernote previous to this. But the broken image symbol problem remained the same. this time i uninstalled Evernote and looked for any data folder Evernote might have left behind and there was an 'evernote data' folder. I deleted and reinstalled. the new Evernote install downloaded a clean copy of my data. all is okay now.
  3. have never had a problem until three days ago after downloading the lastest version of evernote. i uninstalled, reinstalled Evernote ran diagnostics on the drive (nothing). Dream Vista Sat, Sep 22, 9:52 PM (3 days ago) dear evernote my files are okay on other computers and iphone but not the one that i reported the trouble on. the computer i am referring to is my main computer Dream Vista Sat, Sep 22, 9:56 PM (3 days ago) i uninstalled and reinstalled evernote but nothing has improved (same error persists, a lot of images are broken and that is, there is a symbol of a broke
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