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(Archived) Why EN for Android should be a priority! :0)


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I know the devs don't need any encouragement (IIRC, Dave uses a Droid), but here are two very good reasons why EN for Android should be an even higher priority than the iPhone:

1. At the current rate of growth, Android handsets will overtake iPhone devices in the not too distant future, and then keep expanding. There will simply be more people with Android in the pocket than iPhone, so more potential customers.

2. While I know that Apple has given a lot of prominence to EN, there are simply fewer cool apps on Android at this point and a true killer EN app for that platform would stand out among a smaller crowd.

Seems like a no-brainer to me! :0)

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Yup, it's definitely a high priority. We hired two senior engineers (at SF Bay Area wages) to beef up our team. Android's very important to us for those reasons and a bunch of other ones (e.g. various manufacturers are pre-installing our app on their Android phones).

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