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(Archived) Downgrade premium

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I have a problem. My english is bad, so I have double problem...

I have bought at 30 June Premium Monthly subscription. Today is 2 August and I still have Premium account!

3 days ago Evernote send mi email


We encountered a problem with your credit card on Jul 30, 2010

while attempting to process your Evernote Premium subscription.

Problem: Your credit card issuer declined payment.

Solution: Follow the link below to update your credit card



If we are still unable to process payment in a few days, then we

will downgrade your account. You will not lose any notes or content.

If the problem persists, you may need to contact your credit card

issuer to resolve the issue.

Thanks for using Evernote!

- The Evernote team

Why Evernote send me this email?

I bought Premium, becouse I I wanted to have Premium only once!

Did Evernote wanted to prelong my account without my permission?

If my card didnt expired, Evernote automatically charged form my account next 5$ for this month?

Maybe someone is form Poland, wtedy wyjaśnię Ci mój problem.

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