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(Archived) Scanner created titles

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I've recently purchased a Cannon MP560 series copies/printer/scanner. (I enter the Doxie contest but alas I was not one of the lucky ones chosen.) I've read the book Total Recall and was already, mildly using Evernote, but with the scanner and the book I've accepted the mission to digitalize all my stuff onto Evernote.

Problem: the scanner gives a generic title for all my the files that I scan. I've tagged everything with meaningful tags and Evernote has awesome searching that I have to ask what should I do with the title. I'm too crazy with the title IMG_0021 and the title seems to be redundant if it has info that tags cover? I'm a little perplexed as to what to do. I've bought Evernote Essentials and other than tagging doesn't go into detail about the title.

Does anyone have any interesting organization ideas?

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I too, dislike having a generic tag for my EN notes. So I end up changing "mailed in note", "", etc to something meaningful, even if it's not necessary or even redundant. OTOH, to use another example, I have over 16,000 images (digital photos, scans of photos, my own Paint Shop Pro creations) and use ACDSee photo manager as my photo manager. I've long ago quit assigning meaningful names to the files & simply rely upon the tags to find the one(s) I'm looking for. If there are many results, I peruse the thumbnails for the specific one(s). IE, if I'm looking for a photo of my husband & his sister, there are going to be a lot of them, so quickly browsing through the thumbnails lets me quickly find the one I'm looking for.

Back to EN. Since the EN thumbnails can be adjusted bigger, you could do a similar thing. Rely upon the tags & use thumbnails to find the right one. But if many of your scans are not photos, this is probably not very efficient. You may want to change the title to something a bit meaningful, even if it is redundant. IE, "Letter from Aunt Sue on 6/12/10", "nice B&B in Helena MT", "note taken from phone conversation with doctor on 6/23/10", etc. Since one of the EN search parameters is intitle, having a brief, descriptive title may help you hone in on the specific note(s) you're looking for. IE, if you have a Christmas letter & give it a title of "Christmas letter", you can do a search of intitle:"Christmas" and the results pane will only include notes that have the word Christmas in the title & not display every note that only contains the word Christmas in the body of the note.

Another thought on titles...I often scan pages from catalogs or use screen caps of things I find online that I don't want to buy but think I may be interested in, sometime in the future. I have a tag "Things I didn't buy or for future reference" & will assign that tag to it, give it a descriptive title ("Kitchen pantry organizer", "Cute sister mug from The Animal Rescue Site", "Container Store Water Bottles 2009 Summer", etc.) & plop it into my Miscellaneous notebook. So I guess what I'm saying after all this blathering is that I tend to use titles to add information that further identifies the note. That way, when your database becomes very large & your search on the notebook & tags yields a couple hundred notes, you can refine the search to a more manageable number of notes.

Hope that makes sense. :)

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It makes sense...I guess I'm just dreading having to go to all those scanned notes and place titles on them. It's just that I have a lot of notes that I've yet to make and I've just started scanning everything. Alas, I should not worry about it so much and just title all those items. Once I'm caught up it shouldn't be such a chore to have to do.

Thanks for input!

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