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(Archived) Bug Report - Problem deleting notebook

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Hello there.

I tried to delete a notebook and i get this error - "Could not complete operation (Delete notebook): Limit reached."

Background information - Imported 2.2 database with 2969 notes into Evernote 3.0 and when i tried to delete the notebook, got this error. I am using IE6 instead of the supported browsers.

BTW, a few more - shall we say - gripes:

1) Got the "Unknown exception (com.google.gwt.core.client.JavaScriptException: JavaScript SyntaxError exception: Out of memory) during operation (Note query). " - i saw in some post that the storage limit for beta is 100 MB and my EN 2.2 database size shows 15.2 MB. So was pretty surprised with this.

2) Encrypted notes - looks like there is no way to view encrypted notes over the web by entering the password. Is there a way or should I just wait for this to be included?

Please look into this.



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Thanks for pointing out that (unhelpful) error message. We'll get this fixed, but the problem is that you're trying to delete your only notebook, which we prevent so that you always have a place to put new notes, etc. If you want to delete this notebook, you'll need to make a new notebook first, and then delete the first. We'll make this less confusing in the UI asap.

#1 - the "out of memory" error is actually coming from your web browser, saying that we've tried to do more than your browser can handle. I think we know where this problem is coming from, and will avoid it soon. This doesn't have anything to do with the quantity of notes that you can store in your account -- it's just a web UI thing.

#2 - We don't think that we will support decrypting notes in the web UI any time soon. The problem is that this would require you to send your decryption passphrase to our server so that we can decrypt the notes. We'd really prefer not to ever see your decryption passphrase, for security reasons, so this feature is really only intended for use on our secure desktop clients. (Win32, and Mac real soon now ...).

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